i don't know what it is, but i have always been a project person . . . i always have something that i am thinking about making, going to make or that i am half-way through making. ever since i finished the summer semester and have some extra time it seems like i have more ideas piling up and all i want to do is read "the host" instead of doing my projects.

so to remedy my summer laziness i am making a list. i love lists and i love checking things off lists even more . . . haha. . . maybe i'm crazy ~ but i think it's good crazy ;)

so here goes:

-sweater quilt {i started this at least a year ago and got really ambitious and said i was going to crochet the edges, well i think i am only 1/3 of the way done with that . . .}

-hem my drapes to the right length and sew the drapery things that are going on top of them {i bought the drapes like two months ago and the fabric to add to them like two weeks ago ~ on clearance at joann's and the perfect color! so excited!}

-modgepodge the three canvases that i bought at michael's yesterday with cute scrapbook paper. . . i need to find the link and the blog that i got this idea from, but i loved it and think it will go perfect above my tv. :) since i don't really have a family to put family pictures up of ~ i think i will go for some creative art . . . hopefully it turns out. :)

-start and finish the aprons that i bought the fabric for like 4 months ago! they are going to be so cute!

my goal is to finish these four things by the time school starts on august 20th . . . wish me luck!


Graham and Kate said...

Wow.. way fun trip! I love your project list. I so know what you mean about finishing things.. I hope you can get all of your fun thing finished, and I want to see pics of all your treasures! ;0

Chad&Brittany said...

Becky Hi!! How are you? I have nothing to do at work today so I'm blogging:) I love your project list and I love that your going to Modge Podge something. I love modge podge. It has been my obsession this summer. I swear everything in my house is modge podged. I am working on doing my big bookshelf. Hopefully it turns out good. Anyway just wanted to say hi and hope everything is going good in your life.

laurel said...

I'd love to see your modgepodged canvases when you are done! That sounds like a craft I could actually do :)

Cathy said...

Great canvas idea! You are a project girl!! I'm tired just reading about all of your to do things!! But, I'm with ya - I LOVE LISTS!!

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