off to seattle

in the morning for aaron and sabrina's wedding!

shane has been up there for a few days already so it will be good to see him again :)

and hopefully i can get together with my glauser cousin's this weekend. i really want to see all of you guys and your cute kids!


Graham and Kate said...

JEALOUS! We've been trying to get up there.. Have fun! :)

Lindsay said...

You've been tagged!

Cami Kooka said...

fun stuff!
i wanna see pics of the wedding for sure.

kassy said...

Thanks Becky, it was a fun/interesting picture taking experience lol. Your trip seems like it would be so fun! I love Seattle. Hey I am going to add you too by blog I hope you don't mind... :)

Taylor and Chelsey said...

Your only 4 hrs away from us, you should stop by. HA HA j/k

Cindy said...

Have a bowl of yummy clam chowder for me!!!! I love Seattle, though I couldnt live there. I worship the sun way to much!!! Have fun!!

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