the hills are alive

this is annika. :) she is my new roommate and is from germany! she got here last week and has already been so much fun to hang out with. she is always so happy! below is annika wrapped in a blanket because she is not used to the air conditioning we have here. she is not a fan. :)

me, annika, cody and brad ushered at tuacahn on wednesay and were able to see "sound of music" for free! notice the nice green vests!

beautiful tuacahn canyon

it was really fun to watch it with annika because she is german and it was cool to see here perspecitive of it. she had never even heard of the play or movie before. we got some pics with the cute kids, kurt and gretl, after the show. they were so cute! and they are really bro and sis in real life! it was a great play!


Cindy said...

OK Becky...Im a little freaked out that a gal from Germany isnt familar with the story of the Sound of Music!!! Dont you think thats a little odd??? Shes a darling girl, and I can tell shes going to have fun trying to keep up with you!!!
Bob and I went to Pasta Factory tonight, and you werent there!!! (tear)
Have you been able to see Les Mes yet? Its fantastic!!!

Cami Kooka said...

look at brads little goat he's got growin there... wow.

Warren & Taisley Weston said...

ahh man. Tuachan. Love that place.

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