phone call from my bro

one of my favorite parts about olympics so far is getting a phone call from my brother brad telling me to turn on the tv because michael phelps is about to win another gold medal. then we will watch it together on the phone . . . haha. so funny. we watched the men's 4x100 relay on sunday and we on the edge of our seats yelling! so ever since then he has been calling me to let me know when the good stuff is on. :)

i am also loving watching aaron peirsol too! what a cutie!

the olympics are so fun! such amazing athletes! and did you guys see the men's gymnastics? wow!


Cathy said...

Love Love Lovin' the Olympics. The athletes are crazy awesome. Could you believe the men/women gymnastics on the rings and uneven bars. Incredible! I'll be cheering loudly all the way to the end.

carly k. said...

I totally have a crush on Piersol right now! So hot...want to touch the hinney...

Cami Kooka said...

hahaha yes brad would do that. haha i love it.

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