so i got another job . . . a second job sorta for fun, if you will ;)

i know it sounds weird but i really like serving at restaurants . . . i love talking to people. so when my brother said he wanted to explore some of his passions as far as being a chef and cooking food and got a job at this new restaurant, it sounded so cool that me and leah checked it out.
so now we work at haven {fine american cuisine} with my bro.

it hasn't opened yet {mid sept.} it is going to be a totally hip, fun place to work and eat! the decorations are amazing and the food looks and sounds scrumptious. we tasted the chocolate cake and it was to die for!

even more fun than the food is what we get to wear. we are supposed to be 1940's glam. so we need to do our make-up and hair a certain way. our outfits sound way cute - a pencil skirt and a couple of cute different tops to choose from {supposedly going to be from f21 or express}, with some mary jane's. it may get a little annoying to have to take the time to get dolled up, but i am really excited about it right now! i have always loved dressing up! and i am hoping to figure out how to do some of the complicated 40's hairstyles that they had going on back then. :)
rita hayworth ~ my hair might not be long enough for this do???

maybe i can pull this off . . .

this looks a little more modern and very cute . . .

it looks like i have some experimenting to do . . . anyone have any suggestions?

come and see me when we open up in september! you will love everything about this restaurant!


Graham and Kate said...

How great is that? Where's the restaurant at? I love the 40's! So glam!

Marie @ Make and Takes said...

How fun. You can't beat the tips from waitressing. And my mom just mentioned Brad's cooking passion. I can totally see him doing so well at this. He needs to try out for next year's Next Food Network Star.

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

HI! I am in your Bookclub Blog!

I just updated with a post with our September book! You should go quickly check it out!

*PS- I LOVE LOVE LOVE 40's Glamour! How awesome is that! I would take a second job if we had something like that here. I will have to look into that place :)
Finger Curling is actually pretty easy. That might not be the Technical term, but you will totally get the hang of it :)

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