garden update . . .

me and shane moved the rocks on the other side of my courtyard and planted more of a garden. i think we put too many plants in there but shane was super excited about it so i guess we will just replant if it gets too crowded. we planted artichokes, eggplants, cucumbers, watermelon {i've never done any of those before}, and a few plants of tomatoes . . . so it should be fun!

don't mind me if i'm a just a cowgirl out plantin' her garden - the hat was sort of a joke at first but then i actually wore it to plant and it kept the sun out of my eyes pretty well. i guess they knew what they were doing back in the day . . . :)

oh and these are my peas! i was so nervous that they wouldn't grow the first couple weeks, but since they poked their little heads out of the ground they have been doin' great! i love peas, can't wait to eat them!



went to the play "godspell" out at tuacahn last night. sort of a last minute thing with my mom and the two youngest. it was in the outside amphitheater which was fun, but it got a little cold, hence the hoods . . .

not quite sure what i thought of the play. they did a great job with it, and parts were really good but it was just weird to me. it was mostly songs about jesus' parables but set in modern day. i'm guessing it's probably like jesus christ superstar even though i haven't seen that. tuacahn high school put it on and there were some really great actors/singers. i would go see it cuz the main guy was a little cutie! i also liked the girl in the red with the dark hair. there weren't any real characters so i don't know names but she was one of the 'twelve.' so if you want to go see it - it's playing this weekend - it's got a good message cuz it's about christ's life. i am very contradicting in this post - maybe it's cuz i still just don't know what i think about it. hhhmmmm . . . how 'bout this: it was definitely thought provoking.

but i had fun with my family, and that's always good :)


sunday morning breakfast picnic

had a fun breakfast picnic on sunday morning at red cliffs with the almega crew and their families. they are such a fun bunch to hang out with. i always look forward to it! the highlight was probably the video at the bottom. :)

scott's doing the ponytail thing now. so hot!

cute, fun boys! bryson, jeff and kaden

nice face jocelyn

oh hello
love brad and rachel

the best part. . . now i have to mention that the original with brad, amy and michael was much better than this one and i didn't get it on video, so here is the re-make with me standing in for amy.

this is the classic glauser initiation thing, we either have to make up a song about you, or do something else to make you feel uncomfortable and if you can handle it, then your in! So in this case it's a cheer and directed to scott's new girlfriend jocelyn who used to cheer {and still sort of does} :)


just me

i am the only person in the U.S. with my name! that's pretty impressive. i am so special! :)

LogoThere is
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


good surprise

so shane went to salt lake for work for a week and just got back to st. g last night. he came over with these pretty things in hand. so fun and bright!

. . . can you tell its been awhile since i got flowers. its good to have him back. :)



i rekindled an old flame yesterday {climbing} . . . it has been too long and i forgot how much i loved it. and how sore it made me. and how strong i used to be. i guess we will see if it's just a crush or if this so-called crush will turn into a long lost love affair. i'm hoping for the latter . . . :)

i think leah's already in love . . . she's at least got the moves for it



for lac this month, malea had a zumba instructor come and teach us some zumba moves! zumba is basically a latin inspired aerobic/dance class that combines fun dance moves with pop/latin music. the instructor was so fun. she was totally getting down! i was a little nervous cuz i can be a little uncoordinated on my first try at dance/aerobic moves, but it was so fun! i didn't get it all down perfect but you don't really have to - you just move to the music! it was super fun and a good change of pace from running as a workout. check this out to see what zumba is all about! i am trying to get the instructors to do a night class as gold's gym since that's where i have a membership, but they also teach at the rec center too! {the classes are only$2 there} so when they finally get one at gold's at night, i'm for sure going and am going to take kendall, cuz she can totally get down with her bad self when it comes to shakin' it! cami would be so fun too! too bad you live far way cam . . . maybe when you are home in may. :)


pretty cute kids

random photos that i just had to post. . .

lil' kailyn fell asleep in her swing at grandma's.

my mom was babysittin' b&k's kids a few weeks ago and jeff got everyone set up to watch "chitty chitty bang bang" before bed {i love that they love this movie}. i walked into the master bedroom and saw this:

they were all so cute and bundled i just had to get a picture. look at kailyn's little face in the second one! so cute!



it has been such nich weather here in beautiful saint george and i haven't quite been taking advantage of it. i was feeling antsy on sunday and didn't want to watch tv or anything so i decided to go on a walk. i was up by the green valley spa. they have a labyrinth there that i have been to a few times. labyrinth's are a form of moving meditation, a way to clear you thoughts. i liked what this site had to say about the labyrinth: "There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. The only choice you need to make is to enter the path. There are as many ways to walk the labyrinth as there are people to do so. Walking the labyrinth is a ‘body prayer’—a moving meditation. Many of us are shy about body movement, but in the labyrinth there is support for letting yourself move as spontaneously as possible. Don’t be afraid to dance, skip, run walk or even stop. This is your prayer participate in it. Leave your ego behind and be free and open."

meditation has sort of been jumping out at me lately, like it's something i need to do, but still haven't. i feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of meditating. i think, more than anything else, its just a time that is set aside to clear your mind and be still, a time to be peaceful. what i don't get is why it's sooo hard to do . . . well i do . . . it's hard to turn off the mind. so i liked this form of meditation, sort of a way for my body to have something to do and my mind to have something to focus on - staying on the labyrinth's path.

after i went into the giftshop where they have a lot of cool books. i love books, especially spiritual ones. i found this one and liked a quote out of it that went something like this: "we shouldn't be called human beings anymore, we should be called human doings." I thought that was interesting especially with the meditation thing coming up for me a lot lately. we have become obsessed with always having to be doing something. meditation is about being.

be still and know that i am god.
be still and know that i am.
be still and know.
be still.

*there are lots of labyrinths and at least two that i know of in saint george. so if you need a little time away, make your way to one for a little moving meditation, it doesn't take long. {the labyrinth pictured above is at the red mountain spa}


express, bodies, and burgers :)

cody and i made a quick trip last wednesday to las vegas for cody's spa/resort that he works for. we were picking up a guest at the airport, cause she was going to be too late for the shuttle and we decided to make a night of it after work. we did a quick stop at the new outdoor mall at the south end of the strip and hit express, my favorite store lately. mostly because when they have sales, they are awesome! we happened upon a major sale and spent longer than planned there but got some awesome stuff for way cheap - quality and great price! i love it! we were rushing because we had bought some half price tickets on the strip for bodies - the exhibition and had to be there by 9pm cuz it closed at 10pm. Of course i notice on the way out of the mall that my shopping bag was missing a skirt that i purchased. i checked the receipt to make sure and yep, that sales girl had tried to steal my skirt! I was mad cuz we were in a hurry and had to run back to retrieve my precious skirt. :) but i am glad i noticed. it was one of the high-waisted ones that i was going out on a limb to buy cuz it's a totally new style for me, but also one of those things that you are really excited to try out!

then when we got to the tropicana we were running through the casino trying to get there on time and we got there at like 9:01pm. Of course they had locked it all up and i had to use my mad glauser negotiating skills to talk this guy into letting us in and promising that we would for sure be out by 10pm. {one of the many reason's it's great to have been raised in part by rick glauser.} so we got in! and let me just say that this exhibit is soooo cool. i usually get grossed out at stuff like this and was a little worried because it is real actual bodies! but it was so awesome! my favorites were the bodies that showed you all your arteries and veins. they were in the shape of the entire body but just the veins and arteries. and i really liked seeing the fetal development. i definitely recommend seeing it and getting your tickets at the half-price booth on the strip.

this is what one of the bodies looked like ~ totally cut in half so you could look inside! awesome.

then we ate in-n-out so we could quick get to the airport. this is us enjoying and anticipating the soon-to-be completed one in st. george!

and this is me being a nerd when we were picking up the guest at the airport. i got in the big line up of the "real" people picking people up for hotels and stuff and they laughed at me or should i say with me and gave me more signs to hold. . .


4 in 1 weekend!

on march 27th my sister amy and her fam came down for the weekend. since we had missed a few birthdays in march we decided to celebrate 4 birthdays at once! happy birthday kendall {march 13}, brad {march 17}, amy {march 27} and sara {april 4}! we celebrated with easter lilies {a family tradition} cause we didn't have them on easter this year and chocolate cake. the kids loved the whip cream in the middle and pretty much just ate that . . .

the whole weekend was so fun! we even got to take a little dip in the swimming pool!
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{and thanks for the help on the collage linds!}


simple but so true

A Native American boy was talking with his grandfather. “What do you think about the world situation?” he asked. The grandfather replied, “I feel like wolves are fighting in my heart. One is full of anger and fear; the other is full of love, forgiveness, and peace.” “Which one will win?” asked the boy. To which the grandfather replied, “The one I feed.” -(Origin Unknown)

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