it has been such nich weather here in beautiful saint george and i haven't quite been taking advantage of it. i was feeling antsy on sunday and didn't want to watch tv or anything so i decided to go on a walk. i was up by the green valley spa. they have a labyrinth there that i have been to a few times. labyrinth's are a form of moving meditation, a way to clear you thoughts. i liked what this site had to say about the labyrinth: "There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. The only choice you need to make is to enter the path. There are as many ways to walk the labyrinth as there are people to do so. Walking the labyrinth is a ‘body prayer’—a moving meditation. Many of us are shy about body movement, but in the labyrinth there is support for letting yourself move as spontaneously as possible. Don’t be afraid to dance, skip, run walk or even stop. This is your prayer participate in it. Leave your ego behind and be free and open."

meditation has sort of been jumping out at me lately, like it's something i need to do, but still haven't. i feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of meditating. i think, more than anything else, its just a time that is set aside to clear your mind and be still, a time to be peaceful. what i don't get is why it's sooo hard to do . . . well i do . . . it's hard to turn off the mind. so i liked this form of meditation, sort of a way for my body to have something to do and my mind to have something to focus on - staying on the labyrinth's path.

after i went into the giftshop where they have a lot of cool books. i love books, especially spiritual ones. i found this one and liked a quote out of it that went something like this: "we shouldn't be called human beings anymore, we should be called human doings." I thought that was interesting especially with the meditation thing coming up for me a lot lately. we have become obsessed with always having to be doing something. meditation is about being.

be still and know that i am god.
be still and know that i am.
be still and know.
be still.

*there are lots of labyrinths and at least two that i know of in saint george. so if you need a little time away, make your way to one for a little moving meditation, it doesn't take long. {the labyrinth pictured above is at the red mountain spa}


neffgang said...

Our Labyrinth is a walk around the neighborhood after everyone is asleep.

John Adams - one of the greatest men to ever live on this continent - use to wake up really early and walk up to 20 miles a day before most anyone else was stirring.

I'm convinced that his brilliance and tenacity was a result of his walks.

It's also interesting that most evangelical Christians consider their life, their "walk."

Thanks for a great post, great friendships and great relationships.

-Uncle B.

neffgang said...


I love reading your blog. I'm trying to not spend much time blog surfing these days, but when I do, your is one of the first places I go.

I love your upbeat and positive attitude about life. Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts with us.


Auntie S.

Cami Kooka said...

i love that little 'break down' of that saying... so good. i needed that today. its always good to have those little check-ins. you know me.. i'm a sucker for anything inspirational.
so thank you becky :)

p.s. i've been listening to the sessions of 'a new earth' and kind of reading is as well. (when i have time). i mean i'm only just got done with the second chapter, but i'm LOVING it. i don't know if you've been listening to that too, but its just good. i know brad and mom have been. anyway, its just good and i'm becoming aware of so many things. its so good for me. its kind of hard sometimes but it's still sooo good for me. ya know?
anyway, i love you sis. sorry this is a novel. i get to see you in May!! i'm so happy. can we have a sleep over? :)

k i'm done. bye.

Cathy said...

My friend has a labyrinth in her back yard. I love walking it. I love hearing and feeling the wind, sky and other sounds. It's peaceful and calming! The picture is beautiful.

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