express, bodies, and burgers :)

cody and i made a quick trip last wednesday to las vegas for cody's spa/resort that he works for. we were picking up a guest at the airport, cause she was going to be too late for the shuttle and we decided to make a night of it after work. we did a quick stop at the new outdoor mall at the south end of the strip and hit express, my favorite store lately. mostly because when they have sales, they are awesome! we happened upon a major sale and spent longer than planned there but got some awesome stuff for way cheap - quality and great price! i love it! we were rushing because we had bought some half price tickets on the strip for bodies - the exhibition and had to be there by 9pm cuz it closed at 10pm. Of course i notice on the way out of the mall that my shopping bag was missing a skirt that i purchased. i checked the receipt to make sure and yep, that sales girl had tried to steal my skirt! I was mad cuz we were in a hurry and had to run back to retrieve my precious skirt. :) but i am glad i noticed. it was one of the high-waisted ones that i was going out on a limb to buy cuz it's a totally new style for me, but also one of those things that you are really excited to try out!

then when we got to the tropicana we were running through the casino trying to get there on time and we got there at like 9:01pm. Of course they had locked it all up and i had to use my mad glauser negotiating skills to talk this guy into letting us in and promising that we would for sure be out by 10pm. {one of the many reason's it's great to have been raised in part by rick glauser.} so we got in! and let me just say that this exhibit is soooo cool. i usually get grossed out at stuff like this and was a little worried because it is real actual bodies! but it was so awesome! my favorites were the bodies that showed you all your arteries and veins. they were in the shape of the entire body but just the veins and arteries. and i really liked seeing the fetal development. i definitely recommend seeing it and getting your tickets at the half-price booth on the strip.

this is what one of the bodies looked like ~ totally cut in half so you could look inside! awesome.

then we ate in-n-out so we could quick get to the airport. this is us enjoying and anticipating the soon-to-be completed one in st. george!

and this is me being a nerd when we were picking up the guest at the airport. i got in the big line up of the "real" people picking people up for hotels and stuff and they laughed at me or should i say with me and gave me more signs to hold. . .


patrick & carly said...

I went to the Bodies exhibit in NY and was blown away! It was so cool! I also really liked the fetal dev. stuff. And the smoker's lungs. How could anybody light up after seeing that!?!

Cami Kooka said...

i love my sister.
there's a bodies exhibit in pittsburgh too. i've always wanted to go, but i think its alot of money.
anyway, love of love! :)

MaryAnn said...

I went to this in Cincinnati forever ago, it was amazing. I found out where my spleen is.

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