cruisin': day 3 cabo

taking a glass bottomed water taxi to lover's beach. the glass bottom was like an 1'x6' panel of glass on the bottom of the boat . . . funny!

lover's beach. this was the sea of cortez side, it was like a peninsula, the pacific ocean side was awesome. the waves were huge. i didn't even come close to getting in on that side!

according to our water taxi driver that barely spoke english this cave is why it's called lover's beach . . . he kept pointing to this cave and saying something like "make babies" haha! when we figured out what he was saying we totally laughed!

the water was so warm and perfect for snorkeling!

our ship in the distance.

pretty fishies!

when we got back to the port area all the vendors were, of course, there selling their goods. this guy was trying to get people to hold this iguana and pay for a picture! yeah right! that thing is huge.

i just liked this sign in the restaurant.

yummy food and cool decorations!

a shot of lover's beach from the ship as we were leaving . . .


kassy said...

how amazing!

Zach and Krista said...

fun beck! and thanks for sending me those email addresses, I should have just asked before...glad you read my mind! You are lovely

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