Apron Swap

so i did an apron swap . . . my first swap ever. i got this cute, very personalized apron in the mail from this cute chica! this is the first apron she has ever made, so props to her! at first i was thinking it sort of had a "wicked" or halloween theme, but just now as i am posting this, i realized that she probably got the colors from my blog title! if my assumption is right then that is totally cute of her! thanks holly! (i totally wore it last night as i was making dinner)

this is holly - the seamstress . . . she is really funny - you should go to her blog and check her out!

i stole this up close image from her blog . . . :) thanks!

**side note: i have been a total slacker and am just getting my apron in the mail today! i know!so if this chick is reading this . . . i totally apologize and hope she appreciates the time and effort that i put into my apron that i am giving her. it is super cute, but i can't post pics until i know she has it!


Holly Janeen said...

you are too funny... thanks for puttin' up with my lack of skill! haha... just think, at least when you cook, you wont mind gettin it DIRTY! :)

Graham and Kate said...

Umm.. love the apron swap! What a cool idea!

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