197 miles! Hah! That's Nothin' ;)

This past weekend, August 24-25, I ran the Hood to Coast relay with my family from my Mom's side, the Holt's. Our team name was "Incredible Holts." It is a 197 mile relay race in Oregon, from Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon. There are twelve members of your team and you each run three legs. I was leg #6. First I ran 7.42 at noon on Friday, then 4.17 at midnight Friday night, then my final run was 5.35 miles at about 10am the next morning. I got about 3 hours of sleep during that night. Wow! It was quite the event. There are two vans and each van trades off resting while the other van is running. So you run and then you get back in the van and cheer everyone else in your van on as they run. I had to make sure to get out and stretch a lot in between so my muscles wouldn't get too sore. My favorite part about it was seriously getting to hang with my family in such tight quarters and getting to know everyone so much more! Loved it! Enjoy the pics below of the fun-filled event.

This picture was taken by a man who actually posted it on an Oregon Newspaper blog, I think. It was at the starting line and he said he couldn't help but notice the huge Hulk hands I was wearing . . . if you didn't catch it by now, Hulk was our theme :) So now I'm famous on some random website. hehe!

The starting Line!
Uncle Bri's motto for the race ;)

I know I felt like I could have been a little more prepared.

Our Amazing van (suburban) and the decorators . . . the master decorator is in the middle :)
"You mess with me . . . you mess with my whole van!"
The Goonies house!!! Yea!! We were able to visit it after the first van finished. We ate in Astoria and went on a mini Goonies tour! I loved it.

Me and Amy at the finish line!

We all met up at the finish line wearing our Hulk garb, that Marie had made us, to watch Marie run the last leg in and finish with her. They announced our name "Incredible Holts" as we ran across the finish line. Don't we look "Hulkified" in the pic! Wow - I love that I really said that :)

Just like to say that this was surprisingly amazing and inspiring. I didn't think I would be so affected by this weekend, but it really was such a tough thing to do and it was so fun to "bond" with the family that I rarely get to see. What a great experience. If you ever get the chance to do Hood to Coast or anything like it - I say do it!


neffgang said...

becky that was so fun to do HTC with you! I also loved bonding with the fam. It was amazing how close we all grew in such a short amount of time!
Love, Devin

Ash said...

Holts, hulks, same thing!!
That is really awesome... looks like a blast and I love Brian's family they are the funniest people.
Small quarters are always the best place to get to know people, haha!
fav picture is the one at the start line with the hulk hands!!

ashlynn said...

That sounds so awesome - good job!

Lindsay said...

What a cute family you have!

Kim said...

Why didnt you just go ahead and run across the whole country? We were pretty darn close :)Your my hero

Amy and The Mack Pack said...


love the pics! I didn't get to see much of your Van and the pics you took. That was one of the best things I have done with our Holt fam! I loved it! I am SO glad you were there! Sure love ya!

Taryn said...

How fun! I wish you would have told us, we are only 4 hours away and would have come to say hi or something. You are amazin!

bcholtfamily said...

Your the toughest runner!! What would we have done without you! Did you add that some of your Legs during the run were uphill??? HMMM??? I'm just letting all of your readers know that you are AMAZIN'!!
Loved running & bonding with one of my favorite nieces!!

Rion said...

Hey there Becky. Remember me? It's Rion. We met when you were doing my brothers Loan application. Did you ever talk to your brother Brad about me (we both served in Germany-Austria)? Drop me a line sometime. My email is riongull@gmail.com. Oh, and my blog is horrible. I just started it like a year ago and never got around to keeping it up. Sorry. Ciao

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