Lake Powell . . . so good

It is my opinion that Lake Powell is one of the best vacation's ever to be taken. What is better than hanging out in your swimsuit all day on a houseboat, eating food, cliff jumping and being able to jump on a speed boat at any minute to go tubing or wakeboarding? I love Lake Powell!

Kind of a shaky pic . . . it was taken on the boat ride to Rainbow Bridge. Me and Maryann!

Dorky pic of my toes :) Look at the scenery! So Beautiful!
Rainbow Bridge!
For some reason I didn't take any other pictures, but we had so much fun. MaryAnn invited me to Lake Powell with her company. I guess since everyone else brought their family - she got to bring her roommate. :) We stayed on S&S's houseboat up Navajo Canyon. They had two boats, three waverunner's and a jet ski. Hello! I had a blast! Thanks Maryann!


bcholtfamily said...

Jealousy, jealousy......... how does that song go? Oh well, you get the point!!!

Lake Powell.
nuff said.


Kim said...

Im afraid i am going to have to agree with you again becky. Any trip to any lake is the best trip ever. I love wakeboarding. I should say i love crashing but i love wakeboarding

Kristen Westbrook said...

Beckins! I must agree I love Lake Powell, we just got back from there! It's so much fun! We need to go together sometime. Hey any news on Lindsays shower?

Ash said...

Lake Powell is "da bomb"
and i love the toe picture.

Lindsay said...

Lucky Lucky Lucky Little Girl.

Anonymous said...

Becky! I love that you are a blogger! SO fun! I miss you! Come up and we can have lunch. How is the fam. Keep me posted.

Annika said...

Where exactly is Lake Powell? And how long does it take to get there from St. George? Looks beautiful!! I so wanna come back.. I am being kind of a homesick baby right now .. lol

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