Baby "Sprinkle"

My friend Corinne and I threw a Baby "Sprinkle" for our cute friend Lindsay who is having her second child. She has an 18 month old girl and this one coming up is a boy! She is going to have two kids under 1 and a half. She is crazy if you ask me, but that's how she wanted it! No, I think it will be wonderful. Anyway, I got the idea for the name from my cute cousin Meriel! So thanks Meriel, it was a hit!

Here is Lindsay . . . ready to have the baby!

"The Girls" The cutest girls that will forever be my best friends! Love you girls!


Meriel Frandsen said...

How fun! I am glad it was a hit!

Ash said...

Lindsay is HOT!!
And your friends are the SEXIEST people I have ever seen!!

Kim said...

Hey beckerskee, my cousin wants to watch that Ellen DVD so let me know when your done laughing our eyes out

Lindsay said...

Wow your friends are so cute! Especially that large girl...I'm so glad everyone has the opportunity to see how large I am...:) I need to get some copies from you.

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