Weekend Getaway with the Girls!

Me, Mary Ann and Leah decided to go to Southern California for Labor Day weekend. It was a great little get away!

Just sipping on my 50's shake at Peggy Sue's 50's Diner. You gotta stop here to eat. It's just before Barstow! It was totally fun!

Chillin' with Elvis and the Blues Brothers . . . I think

Leah and Marilyn . . . so HOT right now!

Some fun beach shots! The purpose of coming . . . to relax at the beach, boogie board and shop!

We found a little red carpet and had to strutt our stuff and act like we are totally famous! We are funny girls!


Daniel said...

... seems like you had a lot of fun :)

Lindsay said...

what cute girls!

Rachel Holt said...

becky! my family ALWAYS stops at that restaurant in barstow!! i love that place! haha! what a fun weekend!

bcholtfamily said...

Your legs are awesome!! Are you still running? Totally fun weekend. It's fun that you get to just take off whenever!! That's a fun young college person life!! WooHoo!!!

Have a great week.
Aunt Cath

Kim said...

Im so jealous. I miss trips like that. I am pretty much home all day if you wanna drop that ellen dvd off or i could even come get it. Do you ever watch her show? She is awesome.

Ash said...

too fun and too sexy of girls.. I hope you brought a bat and pepper spray!

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