pine valley mountain - forsyth trail

About 30 minutes north of St. George, UT is a pretty little town called Pine Valley with some good hiking trails. Cody took me, Scott and Mary Ann on the Forsyth trail to the top of Pine Valley Mountain. From about 3,000 feet above sea level to about 10,100 feet above sea level. We were definitely huffing and puffing towards the top. The full hike was about 10.5 miles. We were pretty much done for the day after that. :)
Here we are at the trailhead trying to act tough like Scott.

A very beautiful hike! I love that we have a little bit of northern Utah hiking just 30 minutes away!

Silly little trail shots . . . and yes that is Cody revealin his spandex under his shorts. Classic Cody! :)

We finally made it to the top! We could see from Gunlock resevoir to Sand Hollow resevoir. It was extremely cold up there!

The view was beautiful . . . a little hazy!

By the time we got to the bottom we were sorta hot so we all dunked our heads in the river in honor of my funny Dad who always used to dunk his head in lots of rivers!

Good times!
This is us at the top - a quick little video! :)


Marie said...

I can't stand it. I am coming to live with you Fun people in St. George!!

Cami Kooka said...

oh i miss utah! its so gorgeous. i like the video too. its nice to see your beautiful faces and hear your voices! love you all :) can't wait to see you for thanksgiving!! :)

Cami Kooka said...

oh and i love the dunking the head in the water!! thats the only reason why i cut my hair when i was young, just to do that with dad.. oh i just love you guys so much!

bcholtfamily said...

Any boyfriend material here Beck? Who is the guy (obviously not Scotty!!). Love teasin ya!! Great pix. Give Scotty a punch in the arm from me and tell him I love his funny faces!

Love ya,
Aunt Cath

Ash said...

FUN Business!! is that a different hike then the one you Connie and I did? just a one dayer, eh?

Bob and Cindy said...

Becky!! Im trying to make this work! So this is just a test! I love your blog site. I have blog envy!

Bob and Cindy said...

I was invited to go on this hike with you! Im glad I didn't attempt it. You guys would have kicked my butt up that mountain! Tell me when you want to stroll up, and then I'll join you and Cody.

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