my little house at christmas!

these are my cute christmas decorations. you can't see them very well, but trust me - they are way cute ;) i love having the christmas lights on and listening to fun christmas music!


Stephanie said...

Nice decor!

Ash said...

Love everything... !!! beautiful pictures in Snow Canyon!!

bcholtfamily said...

Lots of blogs since I last blogged on. Fun snow stuff with your Glauser fam. Love the Christmas decorations!! I love your place. It looks so warm and Christmasy!! It's beautiful. New construction -it's a foreign concept for me. Actually more like a dream. Totally unfamiliar. HMMM??? Anyway, I am digging the gingerbread creations!! Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me before you went home the other day!! I love ya little Beckster!
Aunt Cath

tckbnorth said...

Is that your little house? If it is it is so cute. Did you buy it or is it an apartment? Way cute!

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