the carving o' the pumpkins

quite the pumpkin carving weekend

my two pumpkins . . . so proud of them :) one on sunday night with the fam and the other on saturday night with friends

cute porch

dennis - the chef 0' the roasted pumpkins seeds

so fun!


tckbnorth said...

Cute pumpkins!!! I am sure that you get this alot....but are you dating anyone and if so, who? I haven't talked to you in awhile so I have to catch up.

Kristen Westbrook said...

Looks like fun Beck! We should be coming down over Thanksgiving next! Us girls need to get together!

Lindsay said...

I wish I took a group photo of the pumpkin party!! So fun.

Cami Kooka said...

love it beck! and love that your coming :) yay! i get to see you in like two and half weeks. WOW thats soon! hahah yes!

Kim said...

Hey becky, I think its called the painters half marathon but its here in st. george in january

Cindy said...

You think your pumkins are cute-Which they are- but I think its you thats the cute one. And Im quite jealous of all those yummy pumkin seeds! I didn't do any this year!

bcholtfamily said...

Great pumpkins!! I love eating pumpkin seeds at Halloween!! Looks like you had a great Halloween!

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