Sunday drive looking for leaves

Since St. George doesn't really get all four seasons, Cody and I decided to go looking for pretty leaves on Cedar Mountain. It was a good thing we went this weekend or we may have missed it!

One of the many overlooks on Cedar Mountain, you can see Zion in the distance.

Cedar Breaks! It was sooo sunny and I forgot my sunglasses in the car . . . nice squinting!
Gorgeous! There was already snow up there! Soooo cold!
We are still looking for some good leaves. . .
. . . and we finally found them! My attempt at being an artistic photographer with my little camera! It was so beautiful!

I love the Fall!


Rebecca said...

Nice pictures, we went last weekend....let me say, white out. I'll post my pics.

Cami Kooka said...

all these pictures you put up on your blog, makes me miss southern utah and makes me really realize that it is so gorgeous! thanks. thanks for putting up these pictures :) its nice to see a little touch of home.
oh by the way, vanessa carlton's new cd... SO GOOD. you have to get it! all the songs are so good. i especially like "more than this" beck, you would really like it. so get it! ;)

bcholtfamily said...

Great pictures. I do miss the colors of fall!!

Who's Cody? I need to know.


Ash said...

Cody is... Beckys BF, in fact he has a lot of Best Friends... he is fun, fun fun and talks good about everyone!!! Cody IS CODY!!!!

everyone should meet Cody!

Hey I love the tunes... that 1234 is great!!

Jesse & Mindy Bird said...

I love your pictures and your blog, Becky! I miss seeing fall colors from up north..

Bob and Cindy said...

Everybody loves Cody! Thats why he gets paid the big bucks! Everybody loves Becky too!
Im so glad you got to meet my handsome grandson-Lachlan- who lives in Brian Head.
I need to learn blogging secrets from you Becky! Mines so boring!
How do I add you as a link to mine?

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