a splendid weekend

The boys went on the Deer Hunt this weekend, so we had a girls sleepover at Kendalls . . . I didn't take very many pics, but it was totally fun! We made homemade pizza, decorated halloween cupcakes, chit-chatted and finished the night off right with a little dose of Pride and Predjudice. It was me, my mom, Sara, Amy and Hana, Kendall and Kailyn and we did allow two young fellows to join us . . . Conrad and Landon.

Fun girls!

Kailyn was chillin'


Earlier that Saturday . . . went with Cody to Zion and hiked Hidden Canyon. He works for the spa that I used to work for and so I sort of just came along since he was taking some guests anyway. We had to hang out from 9-3 for the guests, so we did a 2 hour hike then went to Oscar's Cafe in Springdale! If you ever are in Springdale, UT, just outside of Zion National Park, you should definitely go there, the food is amazing. And thanks to Ashley . . . gave us a gift certificate . . . it was almost free! Then we laid by the pool 'till 3! Awesome day!

Hidden Canyon ~ we caught the leaves at just the right time!


Lindsay said...

You girls are so fun! I am so jealous, we'll have to have a girls night too. Conrad is so cute, I haven't seen him-and Kailyn already looks so much bigger to me! I need to visit Kendall.

Anonymous said...

Ok that looks like so much fun. How did those little tots get so big? I swear I haven't seen you guys forever! hey are you guys going to the play... if so what night?

tckbnorth said...

Long time no see! So this is totally random but I was looking at Kassy Stuarts blog and I clicked on lindsay's and she had yours and this is how I came to find you. Looks like you are having fun! What have you been up to?

Chelsey North (Reitano)

Marie said...

Dang!! I should have taken a trip down south. Looks like you had a super fun time. I love you gals!!

Cami Kooka said...

okay, umm how come i didn't know about this "girls weekend"?!?! you guys realize that you can call on speaker phone and at least acknowledge that there is another girl in your family!!
haha i'm just kiddin. it looks like fun. you realize that we're going to have like 10 of those when i come home, right? haha. love you sis!!

bcholtfamily said...

Girls weekend!! That's great. I'm a big Pride and Prejudice fan. Waiting for Bry to go out of town next week so that I can watch the 4 1/2 hour version!!! How did the deer hunt go? Venison for Christmas gifts??? HMMMM???

I'm more convinced that Cody is your want-to-be man. Email me privately.

I'm contemplating sending you my 2 big bruised toenails (HTC). They just came off and I know how much you would love to have them.:)

Love ya,
Aunt Cath

becky said...

Cath -

Maybe we should start a new collection of toenails! hehe!


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