half way through

So I was looking at my syllabus for my economics class and school is half way done for the semester! I didn't realize it! And because I didn't, the surprise made me that much happier! (maybe it's supposed to be "more happy" . . .?) I am only taking two classes (6 credits) but you would be surprised how much time that takes up, especially when you work full-time! Hooray for being half way through!


neffgang said...

I'm half way through with life, but it doesn't make me that happy!

Good job with school.


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the stress. I am taking 14 and not working at all and I want to die. That is so SO cool that you're going back to school Becky! Your such a go getter haha

tckbnorth said...

Isn't it so nice when you are almost through! Taylor has finals in a month and I am so excited to be done with our first semester of law school. And I am sure that he is even more excited than I.

Lacy J. said...

Beckins! Hey I love that I can actually see what you are doing in life, ha ha! I didnt know that you were going to school...awesome isn't it? Can't wait to see you at christmas time!

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