ode to cami

To my little sis . . .

(explained in the post below)

. . . who can always make me laugh
(wisdom teeth out)

. . . who has an awesome ghetto bootie

. . . who is amazingly gorgeous

. . . who I love


tckbnorth said...

Where is cami going to school? She has changed alot. What a cutie.

becky said...

She is going to Point Park University in Pittsburgh. She is a little cutie, isn't she?!

Lindsay said...

She is so pretty!!! Don't you LOVE having gorgeous little sisters?:)

bcholtfamily said...

Happy Birthday Cami!!! Becks your a great sister! Sorry about your not going to PA.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Love ya

Kristen Westbrook said...

OH sisters aren't they great! I love it! We need to hangout soon!

Cami Kooka said...

love that i just barely checked this...
haha thanks my sister!! i'm not mad at all. this is so sweet of you :)
i haven't seen those pictures of me with my wisdom teeth out haha golden. and i love the booty pictures?? hahaha. love that people here bring up that i have a huge butt too. they're like "cami, do you have a black mother?" yeah its way funny.
love you sis :)

can't wait to see you in TWO WEEKS!! AHH! so soon! yay.

amy said...

cami i love you forever. becky i had to borrow this pic for the old b-day.

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