forgotten christmas

the title is what it is, because i just got out my camera and realized that i took christmas eve pics and never posted them, so i am posting them because i thought the pics were so fun, i just couldn't have my blog be without them. :) enjoy!

yummy homemade lion house dinner rolls! and cute candy cane design ~ love 'em

scott thinks he's tough . . .

kendall and landon bein' silly at the dinner table!

me and sara ~ self portrait pose :)

kailyn is getting sooo big! and is so cute!

the girls . . .{notice cami's nice christmas sweater vest~so good!}

this one makes me laugh! the boys all got nerf guns with matching vests and glasses, so of course they have to take off their shirts and try the whole outfit on! haha

the mckinnons weren't with us on christmas eve but i visited them a few days earlier and got this cute pic! silly kids!

gotta love christmas with the family :) i do!


Lindsay said...

That is so fun, I want to try to make those rolls....don't I have the recipe? Do you like how I have to ask you?!

Cathy said...

Looks like a fun Glauser Christmas. Cute grandbabies!! You're right - your blog wouldn't be complete without them.

Cami Kooka said...

oh i love these pic's.
so good :)

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