finally open

haven is finally open!

come and eat!

the food is really good and the chocolate cake is yummy!

p.s. so i was having anxiety about working there yesterday morning when i woke up, but all went well, actually way better than expected! so i was happy! the restaurant looks great and for now i think it will work with my schedule. :)


Graham and Kate said...

I'm SO going there for my b-day..

Funny that you mentioned this, because I had dream about this place a few nights ago. You and some other people from Pasta were working there, and I thought it was really weird... hmmm.. hope that's not a sign! :)

Cami Kooka said...

fun! i wanna see pics of what you look like when you work there. isn't it the fun 40's style or something? so fun!

Tara said...

next time I come to town I will be sure to stop in! :)

Taylor and Chelsey said...

I got my jacket at Target. The best store in the world.

Lindsay said...

I will have to come in for real next time.

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