strawberries freezing trick :)

i bought a ton of strawberries a few weeks ago from my fabulous neighbor who hooks me up with great deals from her store. she taught me a great trick for freezing strawberries to use in smoothies later so i thought i would pass it on!

i didn't do a great job with my documenting photos so i will just explain: all you do is cut the tops off the strawberries, wash them, and stick them upside down, individually on a cookie sheet and stick that in your freezer for a couple of hours, then take them off the cookie sheet and put them in a ziplock freezer bag. this way each strawberry is frozen individually! it's super easy and makes it even easier to get out of the bag when you are making those smoothies!

hope this was helpful! anyone have any good recipes that use frozen strawberries?


Scott & Rach said...

I will definitely use the freezing trick thanks for the good info. What was the main thing that made the difference in your weight contest- the exercise or food? Tell Brad I think he should sell his fishing pole idea and strike it big- I'm going to try flying a kite with a pole.

Tara said...

oh i feel cool...i knew this trick! we just use ours for smoothies too! also orange julius with a little strawberry sometimes! if I come across any good ideas I will let you know!

marta said...

thanks for the great idea. i wouldn't have thought of freezing them individually. such a good idea. enjoy your berries.

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