i'm back!

busy or not . . . i need to stop neglecting my blog! :) because i miss it and really like it.

regular posting to resume . . .

as for today i am:

1. happy with how the bachelor turned out {even if it was somewhat of a roller coaster ride}

2. excited that jillian is the new bachelorette because i lalalalove her! {am also cursing abc for sucking me into yet another season of the bachelor/bachelorette}

3.practicing for my presentation tomorrow . . . yikes!

4. still trying my best to eat healthy and get to the gym everyday! {holt biggest loser contest ends march 31st! aaahhh!}

5. suggesting that anyone who wants helpful hints to living a healthy lifestyle join sparkpeople.com {annoying at first to get used to, but now i really like it}


Leah said...

its about time! jk. I really like that web site its cool. Im totally a mem now.

Fashionably Kate said...

Finally! I was wondering your thoughts on the Bachelor myself. Glad to know that Jillian is the next girl though. Should be good!

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

Awesome! I will look into that! :) Sparks sounds interesting :)

Scott & Rach said...

You go girl! Day 12-thats practically a habit. I am going to check the sparkpeople out. I am soooo tired of winter! That design class sounds saweet, I can't wait to see what you put together.

Lindsay said...

I will totally be watching the bachelorette!

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