been a little busy

but i am still here. i haven't been outdoors much because the weather, even for st. g, has sucked. i am ready for the sunshine, then I plan on playing hard this spring and summer! school has been super busy and to top it off i have been eating healthy {takes more time and planning than i realized} and exercising! i just finished the 10 day challenge! hooray! but the funny thing about it, is the i thought i would be grabbing for the sweets by the time it was over but i totally am not. {which by the way is way awesome} i am still eating healthy and it is technically day 12, and i plan on sticking with it because the results have been AMAZING! i am pretty sure that i have lost at least a pant size, which i am way happy about. i have also been getting complements because people have noticed. yea! here i come swimsuit season!

also, i am in a visual tech/design class this semester. we had to design a logo and i decided to do a new one for the blog, so once i get it just the way i want it, i will do a little blog makeover! fun!

just wanted to let you know how it was going . . . :)


Tara said...

hey...good for you! don't ya love to put on pants that are too loose!! :)
you're awesome...keep up the great work!

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

That is awesome on the 10 day thing!! well 12 day thing :) Keep it up! Sounds great!

Thats fun! I love digital imaging! I would be interested in taking some classes, I will have to look into it :)

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