kanarraville falls

just a little last minute sunday hike . . . kanarraville falls. i can't believe i have never been here before! it is beautiful and such a chill hike. if anyone wants to go take the kanarraville exit off of i-15 and turn east onto 100 north once you are on main street in kanarraville, park your car at the gate, follow the road to the trail, then follow the river! it was so fun and it was only like 77 degrees so it was such a nice day up there!

amazing slot canyons!

and fun waterfalls!

and lots of fun pics!

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Kristen Westbrook said...

Looks like fun Beck! We missed you at the shower, but hopefully I will be able to see you soon! And probably by then I will have a little one, crazy!

Mostly K8 with a little G said...

Way fun.. I've never even heard of these.. The 77 degree temp is def. increasing my interest in this one.

Cindy said...

Oh my GOSH!!! I've done this one!!!! How about that!!! Last yr, with a good friend. LOved it!! Want to go again!! Dont we live in the best place ever!!???

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