happy fourth of july weekend!

went climbing with friends at crawdad canyon - i'm remembering why it is my favorite spot to climb! amy and fam stopped by on their way up to pine valley to go camping.

here is hana on a bridge that crosses the river right by where we were climbing ~ little cutie pie!

amy even harnessed up and did a quick climb ~ so hot right now

me ~ this climb is called smurfs on steroids :) they have funny names up there. the ones right next to it are named beavis and butthead.


cody ~ lead climbing my favorite climb ~ moucha ~ he was on fire that day!

me ~ climbing moucha :) love it!

leah ~ moucha

dylan ~ catching some crawdads in the river

after climbing we bought dry ice and played with it in the pool! so fun! {that's what all the bubbles are from}


then on saturday, shane and I went up to join the fam in pine valley ~ here are a few shots

hana and conrad :)

my cute mom who planned the fun camping trip! thanks mom!

cute kiddies in the stroller! just woke up faces :)

shane ~ just woke up and about to eat the breakfast that i saved him ~ he wasn't aware of the way the glauser's "hoard before the hoarders do." haha! so i saved him some :) what a cutie!

it was so fun to have amy and scott and fam there! love you guys!

landon didn't mind a little dirt on his face . . . so funny!

jeff thinks he's tough now ;)

on a little walk

me and shane :)


Cathy said...

Looks like soooo much fun!! The climbing is amazing!! jealous jealous.

Graham and Kate said...

Fun! K- Are you not in shock over The Bachelorette's pick? I'm not going to lie... I was little pissed! ;)

beck said...

Yeah I was totally mad! I was sure it was jason and then she picked jesse . . . me and my friend leah just pretty much stopped watching after that. we were so bugged! I love jason and he looked so sad and heartbroken!

Tara said...

looks like lots of fun!

Ash said...


Cami Kooka said...

oo your hair is short. so fun. i get to touch it in real life in two weeks. :)

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