i'm for jason!

i finally watched mondays episode of the bachelorette . . . quite the drama :)

i love jason {and i think she does too}

this post really shows how lame i am that i actually watch this show and am so into it. ;) i will blame mary ann for that . . .especially since she doesn't read my blog. so last night was craziness. i was so glad she finally got rid of jeremy - who reminded me and leah of eyore from winnie the pooh. he was good on paper but so boring in real life. i love the two she is left with and hope she picks jason - love him. the men tell all was so much drama . . . and i totally think that jeremy will come back as next season's bachelor, which is good because then i won't watch . . .maybe :) and does anyone else think graham was acting like a 15-year old? i did love the host, chris harrison, he was being so hilarious and calling everyone out on all their crap . . .

gotta love reality tv!


The Hansens said...

I am right there to admit how lame I am also and love the Bachelorette! Jason is my favorite too, he seems so nice!

Graham and Kate said...

Guilty.. I too watch.. Jason's a babe.. Plus he lives in Seattle which is super cool! She better pick him!

Tara said...

so glad you are watching...I am too...I went to elementary, jr. high and high school with Jason...we were friends!! he is my claim to fame! he's got my vote too! :)

MaryAnn said...

Lame? What is this? Call something lame and then blame me... what are you trying to say? lol :)

And not only do I read your blog it happens to be one of my favorite reads these days. miss ya

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