mystery canyon

decided to go for a fun canyoneering hike this weekend . . . i forgot how long this one took. we were hiking for 8 hours!! yeah, i'm a little bit sore today :) you have to hike 4+ miles up switch backs on the observation point trail just to get to the trailhead for mystery canyon . . . just me, cody and leah went.

it got sorta hot so cody and leah decided to hike in their underwear . . . haha, they are going to hate me for posting this, but i thought it was such an awesome picture. this is on one of the switchbacks up observation point.

cool canyon shots!

me and cody, setting up a big, scary rappel :)

me ~ going down that rappel . . . this is where the natural spring starts to come out of the canyon walls! so beautiful!

me and leah!

the final rappel into the narrows at zion!

as always too many cool pictures not to post them . . . :)

pretty close ups of flowers on the trail . . .

amazing sky as we were driving home :) great day!


B-Radd Goonie-Man said...

DUDE...That is looked so Cool. Seriously! Take me next time on a hike...I wants tas goes and stuff. Love...YOUR BROTHER

Cathy said...

gorgeous!! I so need to do this!! Can we have a neices and aunts repelling or hiking in Zion weekend????? Jealousy!!!

Cindy said...

Ahhhhh....I wish I was brave and young, and adventurous like you!! I LOVE everything about Zions!! Glad you came home safe and sound. LOve your pictures!!

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