busch gardens . . . friday

we went to busch gardens all day on friday. it's called busch gardens europe so there are lots of different countries. cami's show was in italy . . . we watched all of her shows, saw a couple other shows and rode some of the best roller coasters i have ever been on! the griffon was my favorite ever ~ it totally felt like you were flying :)

this is england . . .

walking into italy ~ cami's theatre is just ahead

gotta get dippin' dots at a theme park :)

this is kinetix ~ seriously one of the coolest shows ever, kind of an acrobatic show!

this is cami's boy, zach winningham {i just found this profile online ~ so for all you nosy ppl who want to know more :) hehe!}
he is a total cutie and he plays his guitar and sings in ireland at the irish pub in busch gardens. we went and saw him at the pub and at cheeseburger in paradise later that night. he really is way talented! him and cami are totally cute. :)

this is a little video we took while in the pub! :)


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh! I am so glad you put these up cause I have been dying to see stuff of him and Cami does not spill the beans. Is he not gorgeous and perfect! I love it

Cami Kooka said...

mmmmm he is definitely a cutie huh? :)

Marie said...

I'm totally nosy and checked out the cute and super talented Zach! Good job, Cami!!

Looks like you guys had a blast. I'm crazy jealous of your fun girls trip. I'm coming next time!!!

Cathy said...

Zach is great! I love this clip! Nice goin' Cam!

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