weekend adventure: kanarraville falls

me and my fam had a blast on sunday at kanarraville falls! i first discovered it last year. if you are looking for a fun hike with the family in southern utah - this one is beautiful and okay for kids if your a willing to carry them through a few of the water parts! just get off I-15 at kanarraville, just south of cedar city, and turn east on 100 north. park at the bottom of the hill and start hiking up the dirt road. it will turn into a river with somewhat of a trail. just follow the river up to waterfalls and beautiful slot canyons!

here are a few of the sights along the way!
landon - he wanted to be on the motorcycle we saw.

jocelyn, sara and kailyn

cool cave hole! {that's what landon called it}

beautiful! mom and jeff

silly landon and brad

in the slot canyon - almost to the waterfall!

kanarraville falls!

cutie kailyn being carried out. . .

we stopped in silver reef on the way home to look at the historic sites . . . can't believe i've never really looked at all of it. i have been out there, but never noticed how much was left of the old town and its silver mines. :) here we are crawling out over this 15o+foot deep silver mine hole. we actually found a geocache hanging from the rebarr. pretty cool.


Rob and Toni said...

Sweet thanks for the directions! Rob and I have been wanting somewhere close to go! I'm glad I ran onto your blog!

Lindsay said...

I want to go there! Will you take us??? That would be so fun. I have really been wanting to go on a hike lately....I know, wierd.

krista jo said...

on of my favorites too :)

I do miss those southern utah hikes!

cami said...

looks so fun with the two kids! mom was telling me about this.
k so i had to zoom in on the picture of mom and jeffery because i didn't believe that that was him. haha. so crazy! he's so big! a cutie too.

Tara said...

fun, fun and more fun! I talked to Landon and Kailyn and they told me they went hiking! :) they are sooooo cute!

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