beckend designs

i am excited to announce something my sister-in-law and i have been working on for the past few weeks: beckend designs! we have been working our tails off to get these babies ready for the boutique that we are participating in this weekend. {more to come on that soon}

beckend designs is our design shop and our first creations are coasters. I gave you a little taste in july and now we are really introducing our shop!

here are a few of our designs that are available to choose from:

more to come soon! for more information visit us here. or email us at beckenddesigns(at)gmail(dot)com!

which one is your favorite?

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Meriel Frandsen said...

Wow, those all look fabulous! Good luck with business!

JENNIFER said...

Becky I love the coasters they are amazing! I want to know what you use to make them so shiny! :) How much are they?? Good luck this weekend!!!

beck said...

you are both so sweet! they have been fun to make! the pricing is on beckenddesigns.blogspot.com but they are all $14, unless you have a specific custom design {pictures}. :)

communikate. said...

Awesome Beck! Good luck with this! :)

cami said...

so fun! they turned out so great! i'm glad you guys finished them.
they look super cute, :)
and i like the name. you're cute.

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