beckend coasters

so kendall and i have been making coasters. we made a bunch for mother's day and then i made more for my pay it forward post. {those three lucky ladies already have some!} this has been a fun summer project to learn how to do and we are seriously considering the idea of opening up an etsy shop. but for now i am showing them off on my blog because i think they are so darling.

these are the cute, mismatched ones that i made for my house.

some of the other cute options

so if you want a cute homemade gift to give or some cute coasters for your own coffee table. let me know. we are accepting orders. :)

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Meriel Frandsen said...

Love my coasters! They are so cute! Thanks!

Lindsay said...


JENNIFER said...

Becky! More swimmin' tonight I hope you are ready to kick! I seriously love the coasters! I think you should make them giant tiles for my wall!! TOTALLY ADORABLE! CYA in the pool!

Rob and Toni said...

Those are awesome! Such a cute idea! Why can't I ever think of those types of things??? I think I missed out on the creative gene :(

Johnny & Alli said...

LOVE! I got some for mother's day and I love them. How much do you charge?

Cathy said...

Love lovelove these Beckster! I'm completely diggin' them! I want to learn how to make them asap!!!

I promise to buy my first ones from you but you need to teach me how!!!

Pretty please email me some instructions!


Sabrina said...

did you forget I was there!! just cuz i havent finished them yet doesnt mean im not really good at making them :)

Fashionably Kate said...

I'm loving mine. Thanks again.

Way to be creative!

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

These are soooo cute. Fun project.

And I love your new look. It's B-utiful!

marta said...

very very cute.

now am happy to say, you've won my giveaway. hop over to my blog for details. congrats.

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