national parks fee free weekends!

this weekend is the second weekend of three this summer that you can get into most national parks for free!!! so make sure to plan a trip with you family, your bf/gf, or your friends.

go early!

happy hiking!
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krista jo said...

isn't that awesome? Have you also heard about the library checkout for the park passes? Pretty, sweet.

I forgot to tell you thanks for your tip on strawberry freezing from way back. It is the only way to freeze :) and I would have never thought of it on my own!

krista jo said...

It is called "check it out". You can go to the library and check out a pass like you would a book, I think for a week, we haven't done it yet, but I have heard it gets busy (long lines, but if you are early it wouldn't matter!) Check this out:


I think they also call it Rockin Utah.

According to Ana said...

First Love the new header and the costars
but 2ndly (if thats a word)
I am lookinf for a way to loose some baby wt. Is your trainer for hire?
How much? Would you email me and fill me in bout it?



~Ashley Dawn~ said...

Is that an HDR image??? Looks great!

Ash said...

I just came to your blog to say "you're a dork" I was thinking about you and laughing about the times... and then came to your blog to tell you, and then looked at your totally awesome blog, with the coolness signatures and the "talk to me" comments and now know your are a dork!! haha totally jealous!

Fashionably Kate said...

I'm totally loving the tip from Krista.. Do we have the SG? Why did we not know about this sooner? Boo.

KaraCampbell said...

Hey Becky here is some info on the Summit Athletic Clubs Tri in October. It is by far my favorite course. This is their 4th year doing it, and they have it down, it makes for a better experience for sure. Besides you'll already be in shape from your first one, might as well go for 2! You'll be hooked. Good luck!


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