the time traveler's wife

i am so excited for this film, as is every other girl who saw rachel mcadams in the notebook. she is an amazing actress and hello eric bana! but before i see it, i want to read it. so herein lies my dilemma. the library doesn't have it in (obviously) and i don't want to buy it, so . . .

do any of you bloggers that live in southern utah want to borrow it to me? i am a fast reader! pretty please!

meanwhile, enjoy the trailer. :)

and who wants to plan a girls night out to see the movie??!!

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Lindsay said...

me me me! i want to go. you know me, any girls night, no matter what we are doing, i will go!

J Family said...

Wow! I haven't seen that preview yet- that looks so good. When does it come out? I asked a few friends around here and no one has the book sorry. Reading is over rated anyway- :)

Fashionably Kate said...

I read it a few years ago, and I'm reading it again right now. LOVED the book. READ IT before you see the movie.
Check the DI. I've found tons of great books there for a buck.
Oh, and If I finish it quick, I'll send it you!

p.s.. sad. I totally would go to that girls night if I was there. I need friends here. :(

carly k said...

I went into the library to see if they had it too! If I buy a copy and finish it in time you can totally borrow!

hey, did you like Brida? I didn't love it. Is it just me?

Cher said...

sign me up for girl's night please!!

JENNIFER said...

BECKY! Oh my goodness I am totally wanting to go to that BAD! I love Rachel McAdams and this moving looks amazing! I'm going to baul my eyes out but I'm in if you guys get a group to go let me know :)

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