quick trip and good directions

i'm headed off for a quick trip to salt lake city to see a couple of old friends. :) i'm so excited to see them. it's been too long.

just thought i would leave you with this little gem that i forgot was on my camera from the 4th of july. a little karaoke by shane. :)

have a happy weekend!

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J Family said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing with all! :)

Johnny & Alli said...

LOVE!! He's the cutest!

Scott & Rach said...

What a man!

Tara said...

what a goof! so shane...love it! :)

Annika said...

Why has he never done a karaoke performance while I was still there? I am sure he could also pull off a great Michael Jackson impersonation. He just needs to move his hands a little bit more to the center ... Well, please tell him I said hi ;)

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