feather headbands

i saw feather headbands in bella donna {a little boutique in ancestor square} a couple weeks ago and can't stop thinking about them. i am in love with them.

i found more on etsy here.

aren't they so cute!? i think i am going to search for feathers and try to make them myself, but if i can't find the perfect ones then i will cave and buy one of these lovelies. i love the ones with the peacock feathers . . . and maybe a little less big. i've got to work up to it.

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meagarific said...

Becky, hey its Meagan Moss. I secretly blog stock you through Kate. Funny that you should mention that you wanted to do these cuz I was in Roberts today trying to find feathers. I seriously think that you should make up some of these. You would be awesome at it. All of the ones that I have seen around town look cheap and are too small. For some hair pin ideas go to flocktogethernyc.com I don't know if I love the buttons. But I know you will be amazing cuz you are uber creative. Hit me up with an email when you come up will something an I will be the first to buy! Its meagarific@yahoo.com

~..kass..~ said...

Oh I really like them! If you end up making some you should post on here, all your creative adventures turn out awesome :)

carly k said...

I saw those... I did a quick disection and saw that they would be really simple to make. Headband, feathers, hot glue, a little piece of fabric. But, you are right... finding the right feathers is the key! And don't you dare buy one...they were marked at $30 bucks! What a rip!

beck said...

oooh! thanks for the links! and i really won't buy one from bella donna. total rip. searching for feathers in st. george hasn't gone well so i'm going to search online. :)

Fashionably Kate said...

yep. i've been wanting to make my own as well, but have failed at finding the right ones. i'm glad that people have suggested places to look.

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