kundalini yoga with benja

over the summer while talking to my aunt steph, the subject of music came up. i'm not sure what exactly we were talking about but she handed me her ipod and pressed play. i loved the song playing. instant connection. :) she says that she listens to this song and it makes everything right in her world. :) i can totally see why.

i thought about the song off and on. mostly when i would go to yoga classes and would contemplate buying it, but i would forget. then i heard it in my first kundalini yoga class taught by benja peterson. {who owns benja thai and i absolutely love the restaurant and love her.}

i love it when things like this happen. hearing something or about something and it keeps showing up in my life. needless to say, i loved the class. it was different than any other yoga class i have taken. and i have recruited family members to come to it every monday at 5:30pm with me. so if you want to come . . . email me and i will let you know where it is!

she ended class with this song. loved it.

so thanks steph, for introducing me to this beautiful music!

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Robyn said...


I took yoga with Benja and it is without a doubt one of the few things I badly miss in St. George. I have looked and looked for a kundalini class or even a teacher of any yoga style that I could like as much as Benja. No luck...

And I have looked everywhere for this music but never been able to find it. My mouth gaped open in delight and my hands instantly went up and slapped my cheeks because I was so excited when I realized what this post was. I have got to get to a class when I come to St. George.

-thankyou thankyou!-

neffgang said...


I'm so glad you found the song again. I tots forgot I was supposed to send you that song. It is the best. My family now hates the song because I played it so much on our road trips. But I love it, over and over, all 8 min. of it!

Love you,

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

I Love love love Yoga. If I move back to St. George I will take you up on that offer! :) and the songs are so nice! I need to buy a bunch like this. It would really keep my calm LOL Instead volcano-ing every once in a while LOL

I really need to get back to a Yoga Studio. I am a much happier person :)

Jana said...

I just met Benja the other day when I took a Thai cooking class from her, she is absolutely adorable. Her restaurant is also one of my favorite places to eat too, so if you ever are in the mood for some Thai food, give me a call. :) Hope you are doing well. Jana

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