picking up where we left off

do you have friends that, no matter how long it has been, you just easily pick up where you left off? i got the chance to spend the weekend with two friends that are like sisters to me! it was such a good excuse to make a quick trip up to the salt lake area.

me and rach. friends since we were little. (my dad dated her mom in high school - funny huh!) loved chatting the night away with her. thanks for letting me crash your saturday night and stay at your place. :)

then i had a lovely breakfast at mimi's with maryann. if you ask how me met she may loudly exclaim that it was one wild night in vegas, but it's not as bad as it sounds. :) she was my roommate for awhile after that and we had so much fun together! so we did breakfast and then just chilled at liberty park. i love liberty park. it was so fun to see maryann. she is definitely one of those people that i can be completely myself with. i love talking to her! and little did we know that we have twinner hairdos. haha! funny.

in my quick trip i also got to see my grandparents, Bri and Cath and fam and got to spend sunday afternoon with my sister and her family. we made yummy zucchini bread and chatted. such a great weekend.
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Fashionably Kate said...

Fun! I love spending time with family!

I hope you like Away We Go better than I did... :(

Scott & Rach said...

That was a good catch up, you were just what I needed that day! I love your hair do, it's fabulous (and so dar;) Email me that pic of us when you get a minute.

MaryAnn said...

It was so much fun seeing you!! And I am pretty sure you edited my version of how we met! Are you embarrassed???? Lol I don’t care how we met, I am just super glad we did! Miss you like crazy! Hugs!


Annika said...

You look so pretty and happy Becky!! I miss you :( When will you come to Germany to visit?

cami said...

you guys totally have the same hair cut. haha. awesome.

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