back to school

and a schedule. school started monday. wow. this marks the first semester, since i got my associates degree years ago, that i will be a full-time student. {only this time i will be working full time, as well} one of the reasons for this switch from part to full-time is because if it helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel a little faster. :)

so i've been purchasing books {ugh}, and other school supplies.

whenever fall comes around i think of the scene in you've got mail where they are emailing about "bouquets of sharpened pencils." love the idea of this. and love tom hanks and meg ryan.

i think this would be the perfect first day of school present. so cute. :)

the schedule has been crazy so far and i feel like i have been living out of my car, running from one place to the next, but i hope to have everything organized by next week. i may actually be able to fit passengers in my car then. :)

do you have any first week of school tips to help in organization or even staying sane?? i could use the help!

p.s. i am actually taking 13 credits and the 13th one is my favorite. kundalini yoga. i love it so far and have more to share on that front so stay tuned.

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~Ashley Dawn~ said...

YES!! I totally know what you mean! EVERY TIME SCHOOL SEASON HITS THAT IS WHAT I THINK OF! I actually would love to have a bouquet of sharpened pencils.

Anyway- AWESOME! I love it when school starts! I really need to get my gears going (like you) and get it done! I am not even close!

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

sorry- ps- I am a huge fan of yoga... I miss it galore!

Rob and Toni said...

Good for you and going back to school! I've been doing the school thing forevvvvveeeerrrr so it feels and am still so disorganized. I have no advice in that department sorry. I am a slob in so many ways. Just don't give up!

Karly Staples said...

OH MY GOSH! I love that scene. I can hardly contain myself when I walk in target and see all of the back to school supplies. I want to buy them all!

carly k said...

That scene in YGM is part of what makes me love NY so much! I love, love that line and don't they say something about the smell of freshly sharpened pencils. sigh. love it. I am a total sucker for paper, pencils, pens, organizing stuff all of it!

ps... is the kundalini teacher Mondi?

beck said...

the kundalini teacher is Benja. :) she is such a cutie! who is Mondi?

Fashionably Kate said...

i love the bouquet of sharpened pencils parts. one of my favorite movies too.

good luck with school busy girl!

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