do you coupon?

it seems to be the fad now to coupon clip. i just started really doing it these last couple weeks. at first it stressed me out, and now i can say that i am just sort of getting the hang of it. i definitely am not hard core because i'm not shopping for a huge family, but tonight when my total for some bananas and 4 boxes of cereal was $0.67 it made me pretty happy!

here are some of the sites i frequent:
it's hip to save
utah deal diva
money saving mom
pinching your pennies
the obsessive shopper {this is the one where i get my shopping list every week}

do you coupon? what are your tips and tricks? teach me!!

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Fashionably Kate said...

I don't but I SHOULD!! Keep giving tips!

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

My aunt totally does! (lol) a few groups have actually had her teach classes on it. you could ask her if you want she knows all the tricks of the trade- and she is in St. george.

Alana said...

I really should do this. If only I had a longer attention span....

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