floating down the virgin river

so i started my day off on friday at 5:30am! i was going to go hiking with corinne and mary in zion and they are way on time people so i woke up earlier than needed to make sure i was ready. :) we hiked watchmen's and then weeping rock and then had a fabulous breakfast at oscar's, which is still my favorite restaurant ever. {mary still needs to email the pics from our little adventure . . . yes mary - email them :) }

then i met up with my fab fam to float down the virgin river. we rented tubes from zion adventure company. they were awesome. they give you huge tubes, you float for like 2 hours down the river and then they pick you up at the bottom. and if you want to go again, it only costs five bucks.

heading down to get in the river.

the stick they are holding onto totally helped out because then the other person could pull you if you got stuck. the water wasn't that deep.

but it was so much fun! cold water. hot day. totally fun and relaxing.

there was even a rope swing!

my mom's first time ever going on a rope swing. can you believe it!? she said she was always holding babies and watching us go. she was funny to watch. :)

the perfect tarzan pose by michael!

jeff climbing the rope.

finished off the day with a little picnic!

totally fun! the river really was awesome. just remember to keep your bum up.

totally awesome trick me and michael discovered. :) love my family!


Lindsay said...

That sounds like fun, ive never done it before! your fam is always so fun.

Rob and Toni said...

I have only floated down the Virgin River once...like 10 years ago! It was fun. Yes, we did have a good time at Kanaraville falls and for the most part it was worth it...it will be even more worth it if our camera comes out okay.

Fashionably Kate said...

Fun!!! I could so go for that right now..

p.s... Oscar's breakfast? Never tried it there. Is it as good as the rest of their food?

Miss Mary Schroeder said...

Oh my! I LOVE the blog world! I feel SO special being mentioned on your blog, Becky. Combine the name-mentioning and the Havasupai pictures and I am in blog heaven! And I WILL e-mail you the pictures. I have to get the camera back from Spencer.... so hopefully it is not lost or anything.

Scott & Rach said...

I'll have to try your new trick next time I'm on a river;) i love your giggle in the background!

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