long, lovely weekend

this thanksgiving weekend was much too short for my taste. i was enjoying my lazy mornings and my productive days and hanging out with my mom, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, niece, nephew, and boyfriend. :) i added the bf because with my crazy schedule we barely see each other, so it was nice to have a moment to hang out.

a random list of items from my grateful list:
gummy bears
sleeping in
connecting with family again
new laptop {happy christmas to me!}
a clean house
a water heater that works again {never realized how grateful i am for it, til now.}
vol. 25 {totally on my christmas list}
flight of the conchords

**yes, i did go to best buy on black friday. jeff and sara braved the crowds and cold night with me in our tent, on my trusty air mattress {with me on many the adventurous occasion}. we had fun and then crawled into bed until the afternoon.

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communikate. said...

Yay! Happy Early Christmas to you!!! :)

Scott & Rach said...

I just caught up on your blog and was bummed to see I missed your boutique. The coasters are super cute, were they a hit? I love holidays at the Glausers and it sounds like it was great as usual. Tell the fam hi from me.

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