sand mountain

took the family on a fabulous hike a couple weeks ago. it was a gorgeous day in st. george, but when we got to sand mountain it was super cold and windy. michael fixed our mom a "coat" out of a blanket that was in the car and we were set. it warmed up as we hiked, but was still pretty windy. we took my mom's little dog, sophie, and she did awesome! so cute to see her hiking right along with with us.

best part of the hike was running down the sand mountain. here are mike, jeff and sara . . . mom took a little longer and so didn't make it on the video. :)

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communikate. said...

Looks fun!!

Every time I read one of your outdoor adventure posts, I'm always motivated to play outdoors more. Somehow it just doesn't happen.
One of these days! ;)

Lindsay said...

you guys are so fun! and didnt know nan got a dog! cute.

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