finally done with this semester . . . haven't been doing much else besides projects, cases, reports and tests. so this explains my absence.

i am so excited to have 3 whole weeks to do what i want after work. :) i have already got a list of books i want to read, recipes i want to try and movies i want to see.

not that i am trying skip over christmas, but i have been thinking about new years resolutions and way's to become more productive and happier, basically more balanced. i tend to stretch myself out and need to start incorporating some "me" time into the mix. i liked this site to get me going.

cute. and inspiring. i can find balance with small differences.

what i really like doing is writing a list of things i want and things i want to have happen in 2010. my favorite is looking at it after the year has past and seeing how the year turned out. i got this tradition from my daddy and haven't really kept up on it in the last few years. no better time to start than now! :)

what do you guys do to prep for the resolution writing??? and do you stick to them?

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Cindy said...

How about I DONT tell you where that hike is unless you go with me??!! I havent seen or heard from you or hiked with you for what seems like years!! Let me know when you can go!! tehetehe

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