6 changes

‘It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.’
~ Confucius

once again. thinking about resolutions. loved this article from zen habits and plan to do it differently this year. plan on changing my habits.

choosing 6 changes to make every two months in 2010. although they may sound overly simple. i like them and have thought long and hard on which 6 changes i want to make.

overall goal, big picture: love who i am.

1 change: exercise every morning (even if it is just for ten minutes)
2 change: eat 2 fruits and 2 vegetables everyday (seriously people, this is a goal)
3 change: drink 8 glasses of water everday
4 change: floss everyday (i know . . .)
5 change: meditate everyday
6 change: begin writing book (no i will not tell you what it's about, yet.)

will document my journey of these 6 changes here.

here i go. like bob from 'what about bob,' taking baby steps. :)

as far as the normal resolutions go. i love some of the ideas from here. and will implement some of them, even if they are not everyday habits.

how are you going about your resolutions? or am i just a resolutions freak this year?

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J Family said...

I have to get through these last days of this year before I can think about next. But some things to help with your first six things. A Green Smoothie... I think you would LOVE this. Go to greensmoothiegirl.com and let me know if you have any questions. Next- Wii fit plus this way it doesn't feel like exercise for those days that you don't really want to. Good luck! :)

Taryn said...

Love this!!! You are awesome and inspiring! I think I'm going to do the 6 changes technique as well. I'll blog about maybe next week once I think about what I want to do.

Lyndy Butler said...

Becky you are so awesome! I am excited to follow you through your changes. I am trying to love me next year too! I followed your happiness project link. LOVE IT! Thanks and Good Luck!

petite lama said...

becky boo--if this was all you did for the rest of your life i would consider it a roaring success!!!! i wait with bated breath to read your progress:)

Sabrina said...

id love to exercise with you!! But it will have to be at night, and be taught by someone so i don't wander into the kitchen!

Cathy said...

Beck - You are fabulous! Happy 2010 darlin!

I know you'll have fun working on all of this goals and enjoying the journey!

Love you!

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