love that

my cute sister started a new blog. it's a great idea and much needed in my life. i am feeling less and less healthy as my days get busier and my bed, in the early morning, gets cozier. here is to buying carrots instead of chocolate, going to the gym instead of the couch, and making fruit smoothies instead of ice cream . . . this could be tough.


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

good goal.... I really should do that. :S

Maybe I will join your quest :)

Amy and The Mack Pack said...

Wow that girl needs a new hair style ;) That really must have been a bad hair day!

I just posted some new stuff! On my "new" blog. :)

Thanks for the "shout out" post sis!

KaufusiFamily said...

I too am following her blog. I have to say that she was truly inspired. I really need this in my life right now. Thanks Amy!

Isn't she so CUTE? I love that picture of her.

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