so this is the new year

first post of the new year. happy new year.

a strange sense of self-love and happiness was with me this morning. even with my resolutions of attaining my ideal weight and eating better. i found this sense of peace about this coming year which left me excited, as if i already know everything is unfolding perfectly. in case some of you are grabbing a bag to puke in right now. i will stop. but i still feel amazing.

i slept in and didn't actually get out of bed until about 2pm. i woke up late and opened a book, that engulfed me for 3-4 hours.

eat. pray. love. by elizabeth gilbert. to be made into a movie with the fabulous julia roberts. so excited.

oh how i love this book. it is an escape for me to a life that i would love to live. at least for a year. i want to travel as she traveled. but my mind and more importantly my heart, knows that it's not quite time yet. but soon. :)

now i am off to visit and play with leah and cody in vegas. lots of shopping and talking is waiting for me. :)

i hope you are having as good of a new year as i am.

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Jocelyn said...

How much i LOVE that book! It always seems to bring me back to ME! Hahaha! What a good read to start off the new year!

~..kass..~ said...

Awesome book, and I am also super excited for the movie!!
Happy New Year!

Leah said...

Guess i need to read this book! Thanks so much for coming down and playing with me, it was so good laugh and talk and be silly with you guys. I loves you so much.! muah

Allred Family said...

Read it. Really good. hey, I emailed you but haven't heard from you. Do you want me to just have the item shipped to me and I can deliver it to you or would you rather have it shipped directly to you?

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