road trip baby

every year, it seems, a camping road trip calls my name . . . and i can usually talk some adventurous friends into coming along for the ride! we started in kanab, then to lake powell, four corners, mesa verde, monument valley, mexican hat, natural bridges, lake powell again, goblin valley, and then mystic hot springs in monroe, ut. it was so much fun! did a lot of classic road trip things and explored southeastern utah, arizona, new mexico and colorado - all in one weekend! this is only a 1/4th of the pics that we took, so it may seem like a lot, but i cut a lot out. hope you enjoy!

stopped in kanab, ut to see my old co-worker and good friend jen and her dog at the greyhound gathering! so funny - there were tons of greyhounds there!

classic drivin' pic of cody wearing my sunglasses

we crashed a wedding that was going on at lone rock beach at lake powell! they were blaring the music and dancing in the sand, so we joined. everyone was so drunk there that i don't even think they noticed us! except for when we left i went to congratulate the bride and she gave me the biggest hug ever - it was pretty funny!

setting up camp that night at lake powell . . .

pringles and maps

this is at the four corners - there are all these native americans that have all these booths set up trying to sell you stuff - and i thought it was funny that they didn't spell navajo right . . .

in four states at once! so crazy!!!!!! haha

mesa verde, colorado. this place was way cool!

you can see the cliff dwellings across the canyon if you look close - pretty crazy

down inside one of the kiva's

just grindin' some corn . . .

monument valley - where all the cool john wayne western's were filmed! beautiful!

the rock in the background is called: mexican hat!

natural bridges national monument - if you look closely, you can see cody and leah on top of the arch! (they are little specks!)

goblin valley state park - super fun to run around in or (if they allowed it) play paintball!

cool rock pose . . .

this was the highlight of the whole trip! mystic hot springs in monroe, ut! i went there a few years ago and couldn't wait to go back, just because the pictures are so awesome! we took so many! those are real bath tubs that the hot water just flows into constantly from the mountain above! how funny huh!

just another random tub. . . that orange thing behind us is the mineral build up. :)

hooray for road trips!


Cami Kooka said...

this is sooo fun beck!
how close is that mesa verde thing? that is awesome. i love that kind of stuff.
and you guys love those bath tubs haha. i love them too... well the pictures you take in them.
this was all in one weekend??? super fun

p.s. you need to come to busch gardens! you would love it. seriously though... free ticket in, free place to stay... what more could you ask for :)

Graham and Kate said...

Wow.. Post overload. I love it though. What an awesome road trip! I love how adventurous you are when it comes to the outdoors! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun becky! Wow! And when are you and cody going to get married.. haha just kiddin. Looks like a blast

patrick & carly said...

hooray for road trips for sure!! They are the best! It looks like you had so much fun!! I have always wanted to go to Mesa Verda and Monument Valley...they both look like such awesome places!

The Hansens said...

Becky this is so dang funny! You finished up your trip in good ol monroe! I love it. The funny thing is I have only been to the hot springs once and it was in high school at night. I had no clue this was all there. Dang, I wish you would have found my house. That would have been fun to have an unexpected visitor!

Cindy said...

Becky, Cody keeps telling me about this fun place with the tubs!! Someday I'll find myself there!! It looks like so much fun. I LOVE LOve Mesa Verde too. Its a little bit magical. You sure do know how to have fun.

Kailey said...

FUN!! Seeing that pic of you in the passengers side with a map totally brought back memories of our road trip to 4 different countries in 4 days!!

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